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RYD Brand - Fresh Wide Soft Top Surfboard

Brand: RYD Brand

R 7,295.00

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The Mega Fresh range or Fresh Wides, take the most popular surf school sizes (7'0, 8'0 and 9'0) and puts them on surf steroids!

With beefed up volume and extra width “the Fresh Wide's add that extra layer of stability and security you want when getting used to the ocean and riding your first waves.

These durable boards are made with a triple stringer EPS core and feature EVA "˜bumpers' on the nose and tail for extra strength, bevelled handles on the nose for easy "˜tow backs' by instructors, and lines on the deck to show you where to stand! We've also added a GoPro mount for you to capture the memory of riding your first wave!

These are boards are robust and designed to cop a beating, so if you're just learning and you want to replicate your surf school experience " then this is the board for you."

Material: Slick Bottom | Carbon Fibre Stringer. | EPS Foam Core  Colours: Deep Blue/Coral/Aqua | Dimensions: 7'0" x 25" x 4" (95L) | 8'0" x 25" x 4" (11L) | 9'0" x 27" x 4" (138L) Fin Set up: Single fin (One Tab) set up, one tab boxes | Warranty: All RYD Soft Boards are guaranteed for 6 months from date of purchase against any defects in materials and workmanship. This does not include damage due to abuse or natural wear and tear.

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